Monday, October 12, 2015

FAQ: How Much Fabric Does it Take to Make a Blanket?

Because we have such an amazing selection of Pendleton fabric -- particularly the blanket weight jacquard fabric -- we are often asked:

How much fabric does it take to make a blanket?

The answer varies, depending on what size blanket you want to make.

For starters, here are the standard blanket sizes for Pendleton jacquard blankets:

  • Muchacho (crib size): 32" wide and 44" long
  • Robe (closest to twin size): 64" wide and 80" long
  • Queen: 90" by 90"
  • King: 108" wide by 90" long

That's not to say you have to use our sizes for your blanket, but they're useful as a reference.

AICF Water Blanket
64" x 80"
 If you're looking to make a throw size -- something to put over your lap, something that doesn't necessarily have to cover a bed -- a yard and a half (54") is a good starting size. If the blanket is for someone who is particularly tall, a yard and a half might be too short. Keep your blanket recipient in mind when gauging size.

Most of our fabric rolls are 64" wide, which means you can make a robe/twin size blanket without adding any extra fabric. Just take the length you want and bind the edges and your blanket is ready to go!

For larger sizes, you have to start thinking about putting panels of fabric together, and cutting pieces to the size you want. It can get complicated pretty quickly!

Friday, October 9, 2015

Truck Report 10/9/2015

Good morning, WoolFans!

Friday mornings are the day the Pendleton truck has delivered a fresh batch of scraps, trim, and selvage from the mill.

This week, we got: 200 pounds of selvage.

Monday, October 5, 2015

FAQ: What is Pattern Repeat?

When talking about our jacquard fabrics, we often talk about pattern repeat. But what does that mean?

Thunder and Earthquake jacquard fabric
12.5 inch repeat
roughly 36 inches of fabric showing

The repeat of a fabric (or wallpaper!) is the vertical length before the pattern starts again. We usually measure this in inches.

In the image of the Thunder and Earthquake fabric above, you can see how the pattern repeats fairly frequently. A row of large diamonds above a row of small diamonds, over and over. This is what we call a "small repeat" -- although your definition of small may vary.

Walking Rock jacquard fabric
26 inch repeat
roughly 32 inches of fabric showing

For example, our popular Walking Rock fabric pictured above has a 26 inch pattern repeat. (Comparatively speaking, this is a large repeat.) That means for you to get the entire design of the large cross and areas with triangles/diamonds above and below the cross, you would need at least 26 inches of the fabric.

Why is this information important?

Let's say you're making 20 inch pillows. If where the design falls on your pillows isn't important, you could just buy 20 inches of fabric -- or maybe 21 inches for seam allowance. But if you want every pillow to have a cross in the center, you might need to purchase extra fabric to ensure you get the part of the pattern that you want.

If you chose a fabric with a smaller pattern repeat, you might not need to purchase as much extra fabric in order to get the part of the pattern you want for your project.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Truck Report 10/2/2015

Good morning, WoolFans! Are you ready for the start of everybody's favorite spooky month?

Don't be scared, though... the Pendleton truck has arrived right on schedule for our weekly delivery of scraps. (Learn more about our different types of scraps by clicking the Scraps tab at the top of the page.) Here's what this week's truck delivered: 500 pounds of selvage.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Sewing Patterns 25% off for the month of October!

All sewing patterns are 25% of for the month of October! Come by and see our wonderful selection of bags, coats, and various garment patterns we have to offer! Sale runs October 1st - 31st!

All Books on Sale in October

Did you know that October is National Book Month?

A WMS favorite: Hand-Stitched Home
by local author Susan Beal

Around here, we like to celebrate with a book sale! For the whole month, all books at the Woolen Mill Store are on sale for 25% off the regular price.

Our selection includes:

  • Craft and sewing books
  • Local history and activities
  • Mouth-watering cookbooks
  • Kids books
  • And much more!

Curl up with a good book on a chilly day, or start your holiday shopping with a thoughtful gift.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Fall Fabric Sale Ends Wednesday

We are counting down the last few days in our 2015 Fall Fabric Sale!

Wednesday, September 30th is your last chance to get 30% off every single roll of fabric in the store. Pre-cut yardage has bigger discounts. Plus, all notions -- thread, buttons, zippers, webbing, buckles -- are 25% off for just a few more days.

Phone orders always welcome, if you can't get to the store in person. Call (503) 535-5786.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Truck Report 9/25/2015

It's the final Friday in September, WoolFans! That means our Fall Fabric Sale is ending soon. Are you stocked up on fabric for fall and winter sewing?

Our world famous scrap bins have been restocked with a variety of trimmings and remnants from our two Pacific Northwest mills. Here's what we got: 300 pounds of header, 600 pounds of selvage, and 200 pounds of blanket weight scrap strips!